Airbnb Summary – 2018 March

Budapest Airbnb data visualization

Based on the full dataset of Airbnb rentals in Budapest.

Download date of current dataset: March 28, 2018.

Data Source: Airbnb

Software used: Python, Folium

Research purpose: to be able to give an overview of Budapest’s Airbnb rentals’ basic characteristics. Further analysis will be conducted on this rich dataset.

Maps displayed here display rental locations, listing types, ratings, average prices, distance from the city center and more. Three choropleth maps show aggregated data on the districts level, and additional two display world maps, based on the number of reviews by visitors’ country of origin.

The visualization tools showcased on this site reveal that the vast majority of rentals are found in the inner city (districts 7, 6 and 5). Entire places dominate the market, and only 14% of listings are private or shared rooms. The 3rd district is the most expensive part of the city (not counting District 22 and 17 with only a few, very expensive listings). Most of the rentals only have up to 10 reviews, which shows that they are relatively new on the market. The majority of listings can be found in the 8000 to 18000 HUF price range, and prices are 2-3000 HUF more expensive on average, compared to the last downloaded dataset from November 2016. Also, average ratings are above 4.3 in every district (on a scale of 1 to 5). Finally: the highest number of reviews per 100,000 people were written by visitors from the Pitcairn-, Christmas, Svalbard & Jay Mayen- and the Falkland Islands, Hungary, and the Antarctica.

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Author: Árpád Knap

Currently studying Survey Statistics MSc @ Eötvös Loránd University